Story by your history

Through food and drink services, employees and their families will be proud and create a comfortable
space for the community, creating a company that can say "Fujinbond Group was good"

Encourage customers to feel "deliciousness, pleasure, comfort and happiness", enrich people's minds through food

Company name fukushin
Head Office 6003-1, Matsushimamachi Aitsu, Kamiamakusa-shi,
Kumamoto, 861-6102, Japan
Tel/Fax Tel.0969-56-0882
Date of establishment 2004/08/31
Capital ¥3,500,000
President and CEO Taketo Fukuda
Employees 50
Business Food business, real estate leasing, tourism product sales, solar power generation business
affiliated company Kichi Entertainment Inc.
Fellowship with Limited Liability Company
Fukuyoshi Limited
Fukunori Ginso
Central kitchen 7914-43 Matsushimamachi Aitsu,
Kamiamakusa-shi, Kumamoto-ken 861-6102