• Kumamoto Castle

    Kumamoto Castle is one of Japan's three daimyo castles, which was built by Kato Kiyomasa (Katoyama Kiyosato) for a period of seven years from the Keioi 6 (1601) to be a castle in the castle.
    Also located in the center of Kumamoto city, access from the city is outstanding.

    1-1, Hommaru, Chuo-ku Kumamoto-shi,
    Kumamoto, 860-0002, Japan


  • Suizenji Gardens

    Suizenji Gardener called Suizenji Park (Suizenji jiyuen) called.
    Momoyama type Japanese garden imitating Tsukiyama imitating Mt. Fuji and fifty-three of Tokaido is spreading.

    8-1, Suizenjikoen, Chuo-ku Kumamoto-shi,
    Kumamoto, 862-0956, Japan



  • Amakusaku church group

    Amakusa is also famous as the land of Christianity. There are still many historical sites and facilities that convey the history of Christianity to all parts of Amakusa.
    It is also famous as the land of Christianity.

    539, Kawauramachi Sakitsu, Amakusa-shi,
    Kumamoto, 863-1204, Japan